World Select InterfaceEdit


Stage Select InterfaceEdit


A. Shows the Stage that you have selected

B. Shows the Power-Ups that you currently have

C. Shows the Medals that you currently have or that you currently still need to get

D. Shows the Scores of your friends in comparison to yours for this particular stage

In-Game InterfaceEdit

  • Card or Board - This shows the numbers that you have to match to the reels. This is where the pattern that you have to complete is displayed.
  • Reels - This is where the random numbers and Power-Ups will show up after clicking the Spin button.
  • Spin Button - This button spins the reels to reveal the next set of numbers or power-ups
  • Power-Up Slots - This shows your current Power-Ups. You can also click on the corresponding button to use the corresponding Power-Up
  • Leaderboards - This shows the scores of your friends in relation to yours. It also shows your current standing in comparison to your friends for this particular Stage.

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